Bride & Father Dance:     Showing the Bride growing up  

Groom & Mother Dance:  Showing the Groom growing up.

Full Wedding Slideshow starting with Bride preparing for her Wedding Day

and ending with Reception,

Other Idea's For Slideshows:

Life Story                                                Vacations

Family Reunions                                     Memorials

Baby Showers                                         Birthdays

Christening                                              Fundraisers

Graduation                                              Christmas Party

Websites: Put a slideshow on your website describing what your business

is about or to promote your products, all of my slideshows can be uploaded

in many different formats.


Let me take each precious picture and bring it to life with a once of a kind slideshow using music and motion so it tells a story. 

I have hundreds of effects and styles to spice up your photographs, giving them life and meaning and capturing the emotion of the moment.

Using Video between pictures in the slideshow also enhances the story you are telling.

Your slideshow is timed perfectly to the music of your choice.

​Professional layouts creating beautiful slideshows with a distinctive feel.

Instantly energizing your pictures with freshness and sophistication.

​Capturing the emotion and romance of love.​ 

​​Most Popular 

Wedding Slideshows -Capturing Life's Precious Moments

I look forward to working with you...